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Dear Whoever Makes The Rules, They told her she was gorgeous But those shoulders! Put them away! It’s distracting Ehemm
#MeToo for every time her hair wrapped my fingers, and her body hugged the cold rim of the toilet, because you decided she wasn’t drunk enough.   #MeToo, for all the accidental grazes,
Dear high schools across America I just wanted you to see my perfectly round, slender shoulder
Summer is coming I'm going to wear my off the shoulder dress today since it so hot but don't let your bra strap be seen cause apparently boys still get aroused by a strap that connects to the comfy pads that supports my chest.
First day of school Take off your hat, are those tears in your pants? Give steps in and I was suddenly in their trance Pull up your pants she tells at the man besides me Are you freaking kidding me just let us be
My shorts. My bare skin. My long legs. My apologies.   I  wanted to wear shorts. I disrupted his education.
I wear a skirt to school like many other girls. A teacher stops me and says, "You're not in dresscode." Are you serious? I'm the only one..because of my legs. Long legs are a blessing and a curse.
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