You have a problem, Fix it

Summer is coming I'm going to wear my off the shoulder dress today since it so hot but don't let your bra strap be seen cause apparently boys still get aroused by a strap that connects to the comfy pads that supports my chest. I'm going to wear my new top today , stop there young lady that shirt to shows too much cleavage you must cover up or you will have to change ,

 also I can't wait to wear my new pairs of shorts that I've got , wait no, Not in this School ! stop there make sure there are arms length or there to short Thank God! There a dress code so that boy won't be distract and get their education,Good for them !

But really we're teaching and craving in an mindset for girls that they should be uncomfortable in result to pulling our shirts up cause too much cleavage is being shown to be self conscious when we wear shorts cause a Boy is around. Buffoonery 

They teach us that were beautiful that we should be confident in our own sin. , but when we do, When we finally reach our level of confidence , they shut us down crushing are self esteem . Telling us that, that shirt shows too much cover up ! those Shorts are to high! That your butt cheeks hangs out within the wind

Have they forgotten that Height and body shape affect the way that piece of clothing will look on that person also that clothes show a part of who we are and we can express yourself through them Let me me wear my shorts not at an arm's length but that if my ass isn't hanging out in the wind it's Fine.Let me wear my shirts the way i want, is there cleavage ? yes. But does that matter ? Fuck No .

Wait...What about the boys

Do they get dress coded ?

Apparently they do if they wear a muscles shirts that to down the sides or that they pants are so slow that your see there fruit of the loom underwear, But God Forbid them to get dress coded right in the publicness of the hallways, or getting told to stand in the middle of class just to make sure your shorts are at the right length

Just because the curves on my hips and the fullness of my breasts appeals to them doesn't me i'm the reason that they failed their education.


You Have A Problem, Fix It

By - Grace E.Amani



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