What A Joke

Work here and work there

Work work work

Don’t sleep

Don’t stop

Don’t think

But stop complaining

You are in control

I do as you say

I think as you think

Without thought in how I feel

Without thought about my life

Without thought

You don’t think

I CANT think

Thoughts are outlawed in this place

Individuality - HA!

Personalized learning - what a joke!

In a place to be taught

I do nothing but forget

I forget what is important

A letter is stronger

A number above 90 means more

I sacrifice my mentality

I sacrifice my sanity

So you keep your job

And I keep the hope of a future

But I loose the present

The present is nothing

The best time of our lives - are you kidding me?

Don’t tell me it gets worse

It’s not possible

Don’t feed me these lies

You don’t feed me anyway

Have you seen these trays?

And you wonder

You fuss

Why is the nurse’s office so full?

Why are all the kids faking?

So thrilled to go home?

Of course!

Who wouldn't?

Stuck in this hell hole - you’re crazy

I remember

When you said I was crazy

When you said I wasn't cut out for this

I couldn’t do this - I would fail

You said that to me

You put me with them

The ones who don’t want to be here

You placed me with them

So I could

What was it?

Get better - what a lie

You didn't want to deal with me

You don’t remember

But I do

I remember every little look

Every little glare

Every slant eye that looked down upon me

Every table that seated men in suits

Every tie that was adjusted

Adjusted just before my life was adjusted

Adjusted to fit what is easiest for you

Easiest for everyone

Everyone but me

I was already done

I was so far gone

But there you were

You made it worse - pushed me farther

"Suicide prevention" - just stop

"Feeling worthless? - call this number" - please don't




Do you understand?

Are you really helping?

At all?

In any way?

No you are not

You never have

You don’t want to help

That’s not what you do

You take those that are already so close

So close to success

So close to perfection

And you cater to them

And those of us

Those of US

Left back



"I didn't notice you" - yeah that was me

"Oh I counted you absent" - that was me too

All of US

We need you

We need this

Our only safe place

Our safe place is a prison

A prison where when we leave

We’re still here


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