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It’s a list of things That goes on forever, But gets smaller as it goes, That describes who I am. Every part of the list, Looks at itself as on a ladder, And climbs the hill to be larger.
For as long as i can remember I have always been attracted to females But I had always been told that being attracted to the same-sex was unnatural wrong a sin just not right.
You see that person sitting alone? That person hiding pain behind a smile? Had you even looked into their file Would you not have seen the suffering? Would you not understand?   You see that person?
Words. The fruits of your mind become rotten with ease,
I stood, taking in the bright sun that sparkled against Carefully constructed costumes, Custom-fitted, emulating each and every soul perfectly. Incandescent Maroon,
I’m walking a thin line, I’m running out of my lifeline. They’re letting go, they’re moving on How come I’m so far gone?   Why am I so worthless? My life so pointless?
I thought about it once or twice, maybe three or four. About suicide, and what it would be like, if I didn’t live anymore.   My world is dark and gray, filled with sorrow and lots of pain.  
She’s far from an innocent For deep in her past Lie memories in waiting, Coming on fast. The shame and the guilt Are too much to take, So she closes her eyes And accepts her fate…
(A ballad that goes with the Adams Family Theme)   As I walked in, (snap snap) Into the school, (snap snap) There was a boy, Making me feel,  Just like a fool. (Snap snap)  
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