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tip toes to the edge of your glass world. sharp rocks and shattered clocks. cuts and scrapes on broken blue hearts. hand in hand he’ll fly me to the screaming sun. steal Jupiter’s tears and turn them to bubble gum. But burning stars are further th
I need my fucking space. I take my place in fucking Space Spacebound Spacewalking Spaced-out
sleeping, I should be sleeping, But you find me here up and writing keys clicking space bar tapping anxious but calm intervals of still and shaking
She stares out to the cosmos in wonder, And questions what life would be like on Mars. Would the weather be turbulent thunder? Or would it be peaceful among the stars?  
Chest concaving, Every ounce of blood burning. Vision blurred, eyes engulfed. Sadness I had never known. Your soul had left its vessel, How was I last to know?  
I want to get high off of your love, and intoxicated by genuine happiness. I want to blast off into adventure, and orbit your celestial world.
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