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Hey , the shirts aren’t always bright. A little faded and off white . Is it the best that He can? A simple question , hard to understand.  
Words are the virus exposed during youth Words are amazingly powerful  they contain power most dont understand and others haven't mastered Words, they are hurtful sticks and stones are no match for Words
The sounds never stop! The whispers trickle in your ear like the rain to astream Theyre heard all around The gossip engulfs everyting like quick sand The tong is the rout to all evil,
he's such a fag that's so gay words that you hear everyday they might even be things that you say
Behind that fake smile  there's a person who screams for help. She drowns her pain and sorrow  on her bare skin. Blood drips from her writs but NOBODY sees a thing.
I am what I am, but you can't see me from just a glance in my direction.
Im addiceted to help To put others needs before mine Why? Cause we live in a cruel world. One where gossip is a hobby  Being mean to others is perfectly normal Killing others with words is typical
"Hey, guess what I heard" started it all, It wasn't meant to hurt but It did... I didn't know it would Turn out this way.   "I heard she's a slut!" filled the air That we all breathed in and
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