Hey , the shirts aren’t always bright.

A little faded and off white .

Is it the best that He can?

A simple question , hard to understand.


On her side laying in bed. 

Putting together what’s in her head.

Going out to find some light.

Strong opinions not always right.


Tells his self it’s the land

Geographic bliss can’t you understand ? 


She’s been here all the time.


He finds it painful to tell on self.


Generally in the back of the brain....


Napalmed her name ...


Won’t be the same....


Collateral damage is the name.


We don’t know who shot first . 

He shot loudest .

Her words were vain .

His were proudest .

The results the same .


Maybe he hurt her pride .

Well , she got even and then some .

It wasn’t her best friend.

It wasn’t a yacht .

End result , he was still caught .


Just to go back home is all he thinks .

Years or miles this whole thing stinks .

Mom , she told him no . 

Still he just had to go . Check this shit out hisself.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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