creation's purpose

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There is no "self" in genuinely helping others. I don't see an "I" in team or teamwork.  You won't find a "you" in transforming lives.  No "me" can be found in making your mark, leaving a legacy,
What is child’s play? Who is child’s play? Where is child’s play?  Child’s play is intense passion without a clear end point, or any end at all.  Child’s play is what you love only past 10. 
I know who I am.
Sitting on a hill of crisp lion brown grass, while the sun beats down rays of light and warmth on my back, I take a break from my school work to admire the world around me. Leaves rain down from a tall, thick, sturdy tree.
There was nothing and He spoke "Light!" He called it day and darkness night. He spoke the waters into existence Gathering all of it from a distance.   He made the seas, dry ground, and its vegetation
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