Child's Play

What is child’s play? Who is child’s play? Where is child’s play? 

Child’s play is intense passion without a clear end point, or any end at all. 

Child’s play is what you love only past 10. 

Child’s play is an ambiguous room in the middle of a city that lacks a ceiling. 

I create child’s play: nonetheless important, but self-camouflaging. 

Child’s play is what I want to invoke every waking minute, all of my actions should pursue child’s play, so I can ensure a firm understanding between us that keeps even when everything & everyone else pushes away. 

It’s foolish and unstable and possibly a waste of time. It’s love and curiosity and creation. 

If you’re willing to push yourself into the public eye you can begin to manifest child’s play.

 If you are accustomed to discomfort and appreciate its presence, child’s play is actively in your view. 

If you honestly respect yourself without dwelling on the past then child’s play is forthcoming. 

Remember though, child’s play is ambiguous and not pining after you. 

It is glad to be disseminated as long we push ourselves to identify it. 

Child’s play is for the ones that loath a life without it. 

And won’t look back once it’s near enough to grasp. 


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