His Prized Creation's Purpose


There was nothing and He spoke "Light!"

He called it day and darkness night.

He spoke the waters into existence

Gathering all of it from a distance.


He made the seas, dry ground, and its vegetation

But that wasn’t all of His creation.

He made the sun, moon, and stars for the sky

Creatures for land, sea, and some made to fly.


They were all good, but He wasn’t finished yet.


There was a distinguished creation, which wasn’t spoken into being

It was formed with the ingredients of dirt and God’s anointed breathing.

His breath, the life of man, circulated the human.

Man needed a helpmate, so from his rib came woman

They became one and begat the rest of mankind

I am one of them, which blows my mind.


God thought about me before I was born

He knew me before I was formed


I am His beloved creation.

His art piece and fabrication

Made in the likeness of God the maker

to bring pleasure to Him, the Creator.


I could’ve been an atom or a subatomic particle

I could’ve been the ink inscribed for an article

I could’ve been a bird chirping along

But no, I sing an even greater song

I’ll sing and shout for each one of us

We’ve got a significant purpose!


The purpose of the human creation

Is not just to get an education

To survive on earth’s planet

through working and being fed.

Our purpose is much greater.

It’s to work for God’s pleasure

And love Him without measure.

It’s to know the Creator

And become like the maker.


I could’ve been a slug who’s goal was to crawl

Even if it took all day to reach the top of a wall.

I could’ve been a stream glistening as the sun gazed upon it

But no, I’ve got the Light of the World within keeping me lit

saying, "God’s light can shine through brighter

than any sun gazing on water."


I could’ve been, but ..I was not

I am His prized creation whom He bought.


Yes, I am God’s treasured creation

His art piece and complex invention

Made with the purpose to work for His pleasure

And love Him without measure.


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