being single

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I can never seem to write a happy poem I don't know why I just can't do it When I write my hands they grow numb and sometimes I feel I'll never get through it But then came you and you gave me this
When we moved from Missouri to Oklahoma state We did not have a place of our own on that dateAnd so some local church members offered their guest house to us on a loan
Single is the relationship I present myself in, and I resent the sentiment of loneliness I feel within,   It's this surreal sensation i've had no affiliation with,
I know how this will end No matter how it began We will never be friends Starts with a hi, ends with a kiss You're in my bed, soon you'll be missed Because you don't intend - to stay with me no
Alone I walk, along the chaotic sea, The smell of coral, filling my nostrils. Watching waves grasp onto the beach, Before being pulled back into the ferocious sea.  
How peaceful a bee hardly has any worries flys around town up and down it flies so elegantly among the trees See the birds and things fly high in the sky how peaceful they fly
While looking upon all this romance, I have nothing to call mine But at least i am not one of those who are love blind. 
a door opens, but not by me.  responsibility  to respond and receive  a fix, yet the problems  still exist. mixed  company to coupling  to troubling the waters 
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