Happiness Lesson

I can never seem to write a happy poem

I don't know why I just can't do it

When I write my hands they grow numb

and sometimes I feel I'll never get through it

But then came you and you gave me this

This endless feeling of shameless bliss

You fill my heart and make me whole

It almost seems like that's your goal

to steal my breath and make me shiver

you lassoed cupid and stole his quiver

I can't quite shake it this thing you do

you make me want to spend my life with you

Those pale blue eyes like a swimming pool

that crooked smile of a royal fool

yet you make me laugh and you make me cry

and to this day I don't know why

Is this called love or is it something new

It started out small but it suddenly grew

This feeling’s too strong, too real to be fake

Yet why does it feel like a giant mistake

You don't love me and I know it’s true

so why can't I help loving you?

I suppose this is why.

I answered my question.

That's why I can't write

I need a happiness lesson.


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