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I’m scared of losing my ability to write Like the way essays seem to escape me right before i have an idea
What is Love? A trivial thing? A higher power one may believe? Emotion one yearns when theirs is so hurt? Or a wink, a single causation to flirt?   Love is all of these things and yet, so much more.  
Last night, you came to me in a dream With a stanza the seemed to be out of this World. You laid down. I turned around. And my first reaction was to try to awaken.
As I walked on a busy street, Side by side with random people Seeing variety of souls when eyes meet I see joy, love, hatred and trouble   Across the street I see an old lady
Your either writing your feelings down or writing what's on your mind.Many write it down as a verse, like a journal or in stanzas,but I'm one to write what I feel, or when I'm bind.I write because I can not always speak the truth,my mouth is sewed
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