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When was the moment I realized I was an adult Maybe when I no longer could place the blame and say it was someone else’s fault Or maybe it was when I could mentally make sense out of certain childhood trauma
   Gemini woman is that you?.. Over there with your beautiful Fierce stare  well listen here my beautiful little zodiac queen . I want to know if it’s true?.. Is it true that your the one with the twin ?
Just as a boa constrictor, an unhealthy relationship suffocates those caught within its coil. Smaller and smaller, the world is slowly constricting, Gasping for breath, an eye-opening realization comes to mind.
What would I do without my “Mack” An essay, or poem-probably her fave It’s just her thing, she’s got a knack
That "Sizzle" you hear coming from the non-stick pan 
Obesity, America, young and old, I must change or Death.
Walking the white halls and all I can hear are their heart beats, their pain filled cries. I have to help them. Help stop the pain from consuming their small, young, weak, and frail bodies.
food should be healthy We need to recall our food we should be healthy   food is killing us  our kids won't live longer than this generation   heart disease, cancer
School Lunch  School Lunch to some kids is they only meal for the day  Schools decide to make people pay for school lunch event hough  it should be free.
Snowflakes flutter, Pushed by the breeze. Snowflakes fly, Full of ease. Designed to be unique, Never one the same, Neither one has the same name. Fluttering by, Enchanting my eyes,
Failing is never considered, When the mind set of achievement is near. Greatness is never obtained,  At the flick of a switch. To search, is to utilize the time,  To achieve satisfaction.
                The seasons change as days and weeks go by,             But winter is what I would like right now.             My favorite time is Christmas, I don’t lie,
You wake up in bed,It's killing you.At breakfast,It's killing you.
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