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What would I do without my “Mack”

An essay, or poem-probably her fave

It’s just her thing, she’s got a knack

For family gifts there always the rave


This scholarship poem is soon due

I’m in such a quagmire

Off to grams for a review

I honor of her; my situation is dire


A poem for “Mack” because she’s amazing

I think she knows when I play possum

Always editing and fixing my phrasing

Stop the whining she says and let your thoughts blossom


When seemingly insignificant

Grandma finds the silver lining

Jake, that was incredible, magnificent

I bet she is looking forward to the scholarships expiring


This time I had to go solo

She’d tell me you can do it and give me a whack

For grams the help I’d forgo

What would I do without my “Mack”








This poem is about: 
My family


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