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A friend once told me that we don't die, we're just simply at rest, like a music notation and the energy never dies.  I still feel like this was yesterday, though it's been sometime now since we part ways.
I do not care for violence Yes, you heard me right But if you hurt a friend of mine Then get ready for a fight   I was raised on stones and firewood With hot coals beneath my feet
Can I ask why are you staring? Could it be perhaps my size? Or is it cause I’ve got these planets swirling in my eyes?  
I keep on spiraling again. Veins palpitate, aching like the Desire of an obsessive Heartbeat. Perpetuations of the future abyss, Ceaseless paths and choices do so Remind me of
If you write out her history, you can see the relentless woman she became to be. She was builded from the bitterness, jealousy, and the twisted lies of her enemies. Rebuked and reproved, still soaring for her destiny.
Poetry changed my life, Poetry set me free and let me fly, Poetry taught me to love myself and never cry, Poetry has forever changed my life.   Without poetry I would be caged,
With words, I spoke everything out of nothing, whispered life into the world, named the spark that brought forth fire, read art from dreams long gone, yelled friendship from the abyss,
The words you spit are what keeps her down but little do you know that she will rise.   The whips that hit and beat her down are what creates that ramant fire that will still rise.  
She flies too high, sings the cages bird Her wings are too wide There is no fear in her eyes She flies too high, sings the cages bird Her wings are too wide There is no fear in her eyes
A life time of ignorance, discrimination whispered into the billowing breeze, my articulation better than those of 'my kind', the prejudice that is passed from generation to generation,
Poetry to me? Hmm, lemme see I’ve heard of Angelou, Poe, and Abani But something strikes a cord with a pen and bamboo tree Transformed to ink and paper
They say that those with the the strongest flames burn out this day in age, sweet sounds, once echoes from within, can no longer seek to engage when the force of essence cannot work its way and the peel’s appeal is revoked,
They say that those with the the strongest flames burn out this day in age, sweet sounds, once echoes from within, can no longer seek to engage when the force of essence cannot work its way and the peel’s appeal is revoked,
rise, still, from the left-hand corners of my papers; black letters; better to read poetry in fifth grade history, shouting; I was named after a poet—   heroic: note this, notice
Speak Let it be known Open your mouth  Before its all gone The time is here Pucker up and kiss oppertunity And hold back nothing Using words of nudity Screw what they think
  Maya Angelou was a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal women?  Maya and me   Maya and me?
Dear Queen, How is Paradise? I bet it’s beyond nice, ….especially for you. I mean, you worked very hard here on Earth. You cared…..a lot, You are loved, and always will be loved. ....
They don't say nothing So I say nothing even matters too To just look and stare Because theirs leaders too The exact same subtle following To achieve its purpose Evenhanded enhancement
I am in a society that judges my skin. When I was growing up, people didn't believe in me or what I could do. I was hurt by a cruel man and he took my innocence. But I showed everyone when Why the Caged Bird Sings was published.
If you do not feel anything When your fingers touch a keyboard   You are not a poet   If there is not the slightest rhythm From the syllables stampeding In a Socratic circle
I have learned a piece or two in my time. 
Pretty bird in a cage trapped inside yourself escape your imprisonment. For you're overwhelmed by something larger than you, larger than life. You cry at night dreaming of freedom —
I’m not just black I am extraordinary Not your ordinary species that make up man-kind But specially hand-crafted by the Creator, A pure manifestation of his brilliant mind
Why do they stare a me like I'm so different? Is it because my skin color is the color of warm hot chocolate mom would make for me and my siblings on a cold morning
We dress up and make-up to impress on a daily basis With mascara and tear stains on our faces we still smile Because we know we are the strength that keeps you warm We’ve been through it all, the rise and the falls….
We've got the world in our open hands.   With just a tap of finger, we've accessed the Web. This dimensional universe of knowledge that contains the world.  
We're taught to read and comprehend, to understand each word written, even the reason for the order they're in.   We're taught to write, our feelings exposed on a thin sheet of lines,
Making a statement, I'm now living in the present But My past? made me stronger so i remember although it has passed cloudy but after the rain there's a rainbow, sun shining at last
Who is this Woman? How did she come to be? Why are the makings of her so different?
I’ve heard America’s laughter and see smiles on their face I’ve heard America’s words to others, a disgrace I’ve felt Americas sorrow and anger from their mothers I’ve seen America’s racism and how one can act toward others I’ve witnessed America
A free me breathes in the air As I spread my wings As I sing and as I scream For joy No less I put my wings To the test And fly. And soar. And go through The open door
You knew why the caged bird sings.   Your words whispered to me From pages written in ink But made with blood.   You told me It's not where you come from That defines you.  
Rising out the darkness Seeing the light as I lift my head up high Reaching beyond happiness and joy Towards victory Like the birds soaring into the sky, I rise  
Sequel to Maya Angelou: Still I Rise
Dear Dr. Angelou I wrote you this letter the other day but waited I wanted to wait But you were gone...... Left us unreal and heartbroken But there is one thing all I wanted to say
Missouri-born mama,always having a story to tell us children.You always  knew why the caged bird could sing
It rained as I read your book.  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.  I have not known your pain, But I felt it.  I have not met you, But I wish I knew you.   
But still like air I will float But still like an ancor you will sink You are a succumbed sheep while I graze free because like air I will float And you my sheepish shepard have sunk
All of our dreams have been the same- to spread our wings and take flight with the hot sun beating down and strong winds blowing.
Based off of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou   The Day roars sunlight at the first break of morning and sheds out his mane till only his sun commands and pounces happily in his playful freedom.
  I am so sorry That my eyes are dark brown with an added twinkle I am so sorry
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