Dear Dr. Angelou

Dear Dr. Angelou

I wrote you this letter the other day but waited

I wanted to wait

But you were gone......

Left us unreal and heartbroken

But there is one thing all I wanted to say

An the whole world wanted to say

"Thank You"

Your love has inspired us through life, peace, and understanding

Your words were so wise

Keeping us away from your shadow and putting us into the light

Abuse to Freedom and Success

Writing your poems and autobiographies to keep yourself alive

Alive and Well you taught women how to be phenenmonal and how cant never stop saying

"I rise, I rise, I rise"

Teaching children how education is important

Teaching men how to not talk the talk but walk the walk

Teaching us how you went from the little girl born in St.Louis, Missiouri to Americans own author,poet, actress, dancer, and singer

So If I rise, will I see you in my dreams?

Maybe or Maybe not?

You rise like the angel above

When you get to heaven, tell Michael and Nelson i said "hi"

Goodbye Maya

Sweet Dreams!


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