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I’m sorry fatherSometimes I forget to pray
I spend my days avoiding mirrors.
Denying your presence is known todayYour blood and body keeping us goingSeems people are praising every SundayAlthough looks like thoughts haven't been flowing
I walk through the Valley of Darkness alone Nothing was ever there to call my own   It's a long way down when you're up so high But still I told myself that bittersweet lie  
Falling, Falling, to my death. Dropping through the clouds. Airplane dropping right next to me to its death.
Life is but a picture painted by God Everything we discover and every step we take Is another brush stroke in his creation From every atom to every galaxy there is beauty For us to find an adventure which is life
Through the wilderness, I find a blessing. I hear a voice that whispers in the air. Despite my weakness, I hate confessing That something is clinging without a care.  
Who Is He?   Who is this God that people talk about? Where does He do His work? Why is He so important?
God is the ultimate artistWith His fine, illustrative beauties of the worldThe complexities of intricacyPsychedelic impossibilityEye exploding colorsContoursContrastTime in linePast future
I hated you. I cursed at you. I clawed at the sky at times hoping that my wicked hands might scratch your face.   You hated me. I thought you did.
Live life Give strife Repent sin Through thick or thin Show them love  Through Him above Lead them all Before we fall Show Him off Before last cough Guide them well
I wondered as I walked on Thinking, "Where am I going?" Don't we all wonder?   I wandered and pondered the question Wracking my brain  In an attempt to find Answers.  
We are each called to serve the Lord With many gifts to us He's poured My gift of poetry I pray to use To give light to the world And light its fuse. I am a soldier of the cross
What happened to America? The land of the free, the home and the brave Now it just feels like we're worshipping idols Stuck in sin And we're slaves Marriage doesn't matter anymore Not to the world
I sleep at night And wake in the morning Its more of a daily routine I hang with my friends And never make my bed What's the point anyways I Talk and Talk and never shut up
Though we have many strengths and skills having imperfections is always real some of us may need pills while others don't need any thing but an appeal   We have to embrace the fact that we are made
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