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It's all too much, the billionaire presidents, the talk-show grifters, the constant battle for truth, all too much. We have chosen the new faceof drone strikes in Yemen, the new poster boy 
So ... Where Exactly ... Is Humanity ... " Heading " ... ?!? Because Now It Would Seem ... To Be A ... Global PANDEMIC ... !!!! But Hey People Sometimes ... Can Be Truly PATHETIC ... ?!?
There is a wall plan, And it is being applied. Then money isn't there.
We close our eyes to the unjust visions We close our ears to the cries for help                the cries of pain We shut our doors to our brothers and sisters We shut out the rest of the world
To be scared is to be alive. It is the thing that stops us, Prevents us from harming ourselves. It’s why we don’t jump out of windows, Why we don’t stab our eyes, Why we leave spiders alone.
They can take away your guns, your money, and your rights, They can put down your revolts, Put an end to your fight, But they can't take away your words, And that's why I write. We're at war, But what for?
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