Proposition from David

To be scared is to be alive.

It is the thing that stops us,

Prevents us from harming ourselves.

It’s why we don’t jump out of windows,

Why we don’t stab our eyes,

Why we leave spiders alone.

Fear keeps us safe.


But now...


To be scared is to be confined.

It is the thing that corrupts us

Prevents us from being humane

It’s why we generalize,

It’s why we discriminate,

It’s why we hate,

Isn’t it?


Fear is the thing that separates us,

From things we don’t try to get.

Don’t try to reason since,

Fear demolishes all logic.

Rationality is a joke.


Because of fear

Being scared.

Makes us Lucy.

Brings about the evil.

In a fight to protect one’s self,

We choose to harm another.

Justified? Yes. No. Maybe so.

But we are scared.


To be scared is to be human. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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Attempting to express some feelings. Not at all good at writing poetry, wondering whether my thoughts came across or not (probably not lol) 

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