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Is it the false seeping through the cracks of truth,or streams of truth in an ocean of false. Criss-crosses of evil caging humanity...making it barely visible except,at those when it counts the most, Or humanity wrapping the chains of evil, hiding
The mind can disconnect from the body when it is too painful to be in our vessel. Almost like a complete decapitation of the head, but the body is still of use. Now why would a person do that?
detached from myself I need another to fill me still alone but useful still alone but in the center   each action has a reaction giving each move a purpose a reason a care  
floating above myself watching me watch myself
my mind is an airplane      when is it going to land? searching in the sky for life's biggest question      when is it going to end?
the fog will fade away and turn darkness into light
behind my eyes there is a person longing for connection with the body they are in
the cause of this is like stars bursting in the night impoding to escape from reality stuck in a natural galaxy
Tortured mind Tortured soul Where am I? Where to go? Always on the run With no road Where is paradise?
I awaken   Rub my eyes Judge the size Of my shaking   Hands   Have they grown bigger?   I’m attached  
The world is too fast— Or is it too slow? Is there even such a thing as "Just right?"  
Sometimes I experience depersonalization (where I don’t feel like a person; don’t recognize my hands; can’t remember basic facts about myself).
A friendly face, for friends and family, naive grins, boisterous laughs, plastered across their visage.    A familiar fellow, warm, kind, and blithe, never a stranger, or visitor,
Death.  I’m slowly dying. My world leaves me furiously crying. My fight is forever fleeting. My soul being eaten while my flesh being beaten. My drive constantly diminishing.
Sweet chocolate eyesBurn me, Wound me.
I cannot breatheI am desperateI need you to speak.
These hands can create Works of art.
Speak softly, don't rush ahead Things are real,
Smoldered eyes stare back in a glaze Her purple lips and skin like a maze The icy touch of Death is bare The color of death in her strands of hair  Her flesh now paler than snow As she lie in her grave below 
If I were to lose you now I don't know where I'd be. You took your last bow On the stage where you once felt free.   My tears would become streams, With horrible feelings; the colour black.
sitting here all alone...No one to hold me tight. As the frowning comes,the tears appear...the razor comes out...I notice, its clean no blood, no skin, nothing
Deep underwater Remnants of the past twinkle Trapping all who grasp for their comfort The cold, unforgiving comfort Of a wanted past And a watery future.
People are ignorant, thinkng she wont run away into the cornfield She screams, shes online, she hides under her protective shield Shes hiding away in the cornfield She posts, no one cares, her wounds unhealed
You sicken me that time in my past, when you played with me like I was a puppet a show for all of hell to see. My motions little, my emotions running rapid like the heart beat in my chest
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