Depersonalization/rumination OCD awareness (Tortured Mind)

Tortured mind

Tortured soul

Where am I?

Where to go?

Always on the run

With no road

Where is paradise?

Oasis That’s safe

How to live?

How to replace?

Scared of the end

Not of death

Artificial life

Until my last breathe

Can I live as me?

Debating if feelings bad?

Took that for granted

Now I’ll never have 

Miss the feelings

Meaningless and good

Overthink it all

Probably should 

Memories will flood back

First good then bad

Aren’t we all at least a little sad?

To broken to express

Keep me mind busy

Do I have a choice?

I’m am sick of mind

Not having a voice 


I’ve tried writing before, telling tales of my self

All in analogies

Not knowing what else

Too cluttered or cliched

Not much else to say

I don’t mean to victimize

But I know pain

Surfaces always blurry

Anxious and hurried

Here I stand

No a stagnant ground 

What is my mind

Well it’s quite profound

Useless and random 

The info it provides 

I am just a body 

My soul is the hive


Focused on angles


There I see where I was perfect in my choice

Though I know I’m not 

I have no other choice 

He said he’ll taunt

Emotions are hostage 

And soon I’ll leave 

I wish someone knew 

Exactly what I mean.

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Liked your poem Jack. A lot of it resonated with me, really know what it's like to feel like you described. Anyway, be well and strong brother and remember things do clear up and get easier after you give yourself the right space and time to heal and reflect.

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