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I'm going insane.Ifeel I can't breathe.Because no matter where I go, snow, hail, or rainI feel like someone's watching me just down the lane. Blood always pounds in my ears.I can always picture my darkest fears.
I'm WATCHING YOU Like You WATCH ME … !!! It's Really NOT COOL To Watch Me Like A THIEF ... !!!?!!! Now This Story Happened To Me …
On that one side of paradise In the Tropic of Cancer Along past warehouses and water towers Their backs turned squarely To the train that bumps and glides on the tracks My head leaning against the window
Doused my face in biting water, still came up thinking about you. Why are my hand shaking? Unsure what to do. I thought I saw you staring, but my naive mind must be wicked too.
Here comes a feat of boots dressed in gold Clad in a uniform just as bold Keys wrapped in paper cloth Hands wrapped in gauze   Bloodshot eyes tinker chilled Yet he stays willed
It has been a whole year And I have not seen you behind anything but the bottle We used to hit the town and live life with our feet on the throttle Friends in the village of spiraling ends
test me  i dare you: because one day i will have had enough  and you will realize that though i may be a freak  i am a freak to be reckoned with so remember that when you go to push me down 
They peer through triangular windows 
An inkblot My mind seethes and grows falling ever so ever so   At night the watchman knows he knows of the travels What does it take to break a man? A pool of questions
Your eyes used to be so bright They looked straight forward Unnerving but more alive than all those around you, They used to look so colorful and awake   What changed you?   Was it the people?
With my backpack slugged over my shoulder and my face set to a grimace, I walk through the hallway dodging bodies left and right. I yell in my head things I shouldnt say and I keep my eyes to the ground to not draw any attention to myself.
The day has come now, We are human machines: Fuctioning, blind, and rusting.   Watch us as our mechanical hands screeching Watch us as our day comes to an end Watch us as our eyes and mouths rust shut
Tomato cheeks, Sparking hair, disarrayed cloth, empty chair, young cold, filing lines, full chair, similar voice, no face, one blue sky, pairs of shoes,
They’re in a glass box, And you can’t reach them.   You can’t find the key…   They scream,
i see eyes, looking down from above watching me; holding me into existence leaving me hungry; without hunger leaving me in love; with no one to love leaving me everything leaving me nothing
In the realm of gods and men Man shall prosper, god will end Broken mind, strong will is bent Soul is freed, body now spent So stand and pretend And embrace as if friends.
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