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Love is about concessions Not about empty confessions. Love is about a mutual respect Not about reading the other's texts.   -Love is patient-   Love is not an excuse
A yellow stick It can perform any trick
The first time the light crosses the eyes of a new seed. A new breed that breathes the air of the diseased. Fall victum to the wonders of what life would be until actuality falls in between to help you realize how life could be.
I see him running and playing. Just having a good time.I see him laughing and smiling at every line.He cared and loved us all.Was it his time to fall? Always ready to celebrate.Never to underestimate.
My prison closes in on my body as my mind wanders the shadowed path into dark thoughts, Here, there are no dreams, only nightmares. Yet the limits of my mind still exist on the boundaries of this dark cloud,
People said it would get easier . But its been 7 years now , since it happend .And honestly it seems to get harder each time . How could i been so slefish and stupid .
No matter how far I would chase you I would never catch your soul Stuck so deep I would have cried, realizing no hope    It's like catching fireflies  Especially on lightless nights 
Tears stained the faces of the mourning as God cast a silent rain that dreadful day. Shoulders fell heavily under the weight of Death’s hand
The struggle to grasp life when the timid grey never seams to be too far away. You look at your life and see an abyss. Helplessly waiting for your demise.  The materials you gained mean nothing while on your death bed.
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