It Is As Simple As A Pencil

A yellow stick

It can perform any trick

As well as make time tick

An unusual weapon

That can beckon many to join a side

And cause others to run and hide

It may be the color of a school bus

It is more to us

A way to escape the world and create our own

A way for us to be in a crowded room alone

The crucial tool for various innovations

A tool that has changed many nations

Always filled with potential energy

It causes much cenergy

As well as the reverse effect

It can be as sharp as a sword

And ice every word

With a number on the side

The canvas is open wide

As thoughts that were once wandered

Are no longer pondered

They are out into action

But make up only a fraction of all it has ever done in a lifetime

It's words climb

And as they do they deliver a message 

Unless the words are said 

It lets my thoughts flow from my head

Such an invention is trivial

It dates back to when times were medieval

Even with a dark core it is much more

It is something that is taken for granted 

I am truly enchanted

I get a chill 

As I think about the pencil

We aren't grateful for the simple things anymore

Instead we act spiteful and slam the door

Just take time and think

About all the reasons why this world does not stink



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