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I hear the deep rolling growl of my fathers pick up truck pulling into our driveway The plumes of smoke filling the air like an ominous grey cloud of warning.  
Everyone knows the smell of rain. That sweet crisp scent that encases your whole being.   Everyone has felt the wind pick up right before a storm.
the gods are angry they shake my window with their boisterous voices they casue my body to tremble in fear and my eyes to overspill their salty tears   zeus and his lightning are vengeful tonight
Water ripplesas the raindropsdrop down like bullets pelting us with no mercy.The rumble of the thunderin the distance,shakes like an earthquake.The crackling of the lightninghits home and
grey and almighty gentle suffocation from
Storm clouds gather in the afternoon skies Like doubts and fears clouding my eyes They used to be hazel, now they're grey Once they shown like a bright autumn day
I know your eyes aren't seeing like they used to see And the track marks left circles round your heart They say the sun must always set on beauty  Cause the rain always needs a place to start  
A thunderstorm is a beautiful thing
A scent to clear the mind, A sound that can heal much, Blessed are those who feel the rain Without the sense of touch.
Sitting in a room in the dark with the shades up quietly absorbing the vibrations gently rocking the penthouse, I am still.   Basking in the intermittent, fleeting flashes of fluorescent 
Down, Down, Down the window, Down the window pane, Drip, Drop, Patter, Stop, Softly falls the rain. Grey skies, Stormy sighs, The clouds are hanging low,
Green-grey clouds Bring rain to city streets  Thirsty flora and fauna Wind, wet with wild waterdrops             Beat a fervent staccato against windows
Across the window pane Drops falling fast Whispering silent secrets Casting shadows of the past   Some may see sadness And cry their own tears Cascade down crimson cheeks
The Sky Insisting to reflect what is inside of me Darkened it's clouds to night Pouring out my grief; The trees bowed and trembled beneith it's power; I turned my face up to accept it's companionship
I got caught in a thunderstorm and thought about the way our bodies move through the sky and fall to the earth just like that.  
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