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I love you And You Don't Love Me Because Your cold heart Is incapable Of Love And I write in this way Not for you Though I love you Too much
Tiny bald head smothered with faint peachy fuzz, wrinkled clenched eyelids hiding deep blue orbs, unopened fists punch at the sky,
She sits alone,No one be told,She’s right there,Dying to be held,To be shown a new way,Living past a life of shame,It seems like a game,Noone stays,Pain craves,Inside and Out,
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
My computer is evil watch and see.
what happened to our worldwhat happened to ours boys and ours girlswhat made them look down at the people in their phonesinstead of the ones the ones in their homes
Someone once said that we shouldn't wait for the storm to pass,  but learn to dance in the rain.  Well, I definitely can't dance,  my rhythm is  weak and my limbs- clumsy. But I know I 
Listen up you little twerps. I’m going to give you some very bad advice, and just hope that it works. If you should have an issue, just take a puff from a blunt and everything will be fine.
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