Riding in the Rain

Someone once said

that we shouldn't wait

for the storm to pass, 

but learn to

dance in the rain. 

Well, I definitely can't dance, 

my rhythm is 

weak and my limbs-

clumsy. But I know I 

can bike ride. 

God gave me an

inate ability to pedal and

pick up speed. 

My bike carries me

through beautiful, sunny days and

through fun times, 

through the rough days, 

through the difficult, strong winds

and through storms. 

Oftentimes we learn to

rely only on ourselves, 

to be self-relient; though that's

impossible. Instead, I

prefer to rely on

Someone stronger than I am-

my bike, or; 

more often- my Savior-

to carry me safely home. 

Riding in rain

is thrilling, you feel

cold and wet, but impervious

to all sensations

but joyous, ecstatic exhilaration.

Although, you feel as if 

you could ride

forever, one small piece

of your brain understands that

you must return

home, the final destination.

You must be dry again. 

However, I never

forget the wondrous feeling

of riding in the rain.


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