PSA(public service announcement) For children of age.


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Listen up you little twerps.
I’m going to give you some very bad advice, and just hope that it works.
If you should have an issue, just take a puff from a blunt and everything will be fine.
As they say, problems out of sight and out of mind, equals one having a very good time.
This smoke that I blow will spread and blind, but in time our problems too will be blind and bump into the solution that you’re not seeking.

So sit back and relax on your fat or skinny insecure little asses,and put on your broken reading glasses, so that way you can gather and see the little amount of weed that’s left in that bag.
Oops you’re all out!
Well things still will be fine.
As you will find there are plenty of things you can use to expand your mind.
Just be careful not to cosign your life away with that crack whore next door.
Because trust me, once that empty bag of drugs hits the floor, both of your lives will be no more.
And your troubles will still be on your ass like your parole officer.

What’s that? Never committed a crime?
How far out your mind must you have been to only wake up now?
Look around!
How can you not hear the sound, of you sucking some dude’s dick for a quick fix?
Or feel your veins empty from that bloody shit you just took in that corner?
Speaking of blood you should probably know that your coronary problems will have you in the morgue by morning.
And since you cursed out your whole family at that dinner because you were high on rocks, at your funeral no one will be mourning.

Look at that and all you have done.
Just yesterday you were somebody’s child, daughter, or son, but now you’re a maggot's home.
How could you possibly follow and condone the advice I was giving you.
You have a brain!
Hell I was just kidding with you.
These problems in life can not simply be blown away.
Sure I actually find marijuana for medicine and recreation ok, but not as something you do or use at all hours of the day.
Hell get up, get out.
Got a problem? Do something about it.
Because becoming an addict ain't gonna solve it, it’ll only add to it.
So i’m now going to make up some more advice and give it to you, it’s up to you whether or not you listen.

Quit your complaints, and deal with your issues, else this impulsive voice in your head will only get louder, and trust me it ain't getting any smarter.
As you stand around life isn't crumbling around you, but it’s not improving either.
Maybe one day your next door neighbor will be that Mary Jane that last for life.
And perhaps those insecurities will be the legs that make you strive for tomorrow.
But today you have an issue, and doing nothing, really won’t solve it.
Oh!, I just remembered! I misplaced my bag of weed in my closet!
So later kids! Cause I now have a weekend to waste!
Oh yeah,
and if wasn't obvious before,
This has been a PSA for kids of age. From your buddy, Dr. Bud.
And damn skippy, yes.
Trust me. I’m a Doctor.


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