Tragic Accidents

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I am on the edge holding to my... breath. My movements are slow... scattered...broken, smashed pain throbs--- My mind is thumping... blood, bled through me. My body is hurt.
Brother and Sister; So close in heart And dear in soul. Only a moment Took one from the other With no villain to hunt.
Blood flowed like a river to the drain. Sirens pierced the night stillness as my stretcher shook with unrelenting vibrato. CT scans delayed while fountains of crimson
This my dedication to Pac. I sizzle and pop like crack rock. It’s like Snoop Dogg walking Round the boondocks. This tune pops like something Outta an mc’s mixtape, With drugs, alcohol, and
When does trying to taste the rainbow, lead to tasting death? a man walks while one is burried, holding his head up as high as his gun did...
Why do I do what I do?They don't love me they don't respect me?Why do I care? 
  Rushing down the black glass road   I knew she should have slowed   Zooming around the curve   She lost control
The Ballad of the Concordia They went on that ship, a seven day trip, to gaze at the sights, for all seven nights.
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