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Those who left,Are not going to come back...You need gto put that frame down,Down, from your heart's rack!
Rise UP Rise up I say, why you gotcha ya head bowed This ain’t what our ancestor had in mind when they feet hit the ground Running as fast as they could, never looking back at the enemy
dear girl you are not alone whatever fight you are fighting  has been fought by so many before   dear boy
1,2,3,4How many gunshots moreHard to trust anyone in a blue uniformThey hold off on telling us what we did wrongBut swears to the judge we've been informedI feel unsafe in my streetsI fear a white boogie man strangling me in the sheetsI'm scared m
This is the daily grindtime we don't want to findso full it will destroy your mind The pencil is blindwhite paper all linedwith tape we are kind
Freedoms more than doing whatever the @#!*% you please, It's taking your new trust and using it to seize, Every dream or goal pondered about in your head, And acheiving them, making them reality instead.  
  The word “smart” is a curse word.And like all other curse words it has synonyms.
Get higher Rise above the doubt and regret Don't let voice inside be choked up by impossibility. Speak out and drown out the noise of failures, Fall and rise. Fall again and rise higher. Get Higher
Who we are is who we will be The only one to change that is the voice inside of me The voice telling you right from wrong The voice telling you that you don't belong
I feel my soul running free with the windChill down my spineGoosebumps on my skinI am free, feeling alive as if everything I lived for was never a lieSo I cry feeling no doubt about to flyFly sky high
I write, Because my hands are spider webs of words That need to be weaved on paper Like an artists’ paint Needs to be swirled around the canvas. I write because someone Out there Needs to know
Bursting at the seams with soul Limitless, feverish in its cage The carnal, vigorous life untold Impossible to assuage.
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