self-harm awareness

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I have been told that to be loved, I must be: Clean. Unscarred. Perfect. I hear these words inside my head.
Hide the scars draw a heart on your armtake a pictureadd a filterkiss her scars "stay strong, love"  
Cut It’s really very simple, I live by the blade. Cut Cut Cut  
How is perfection defined, with collarbones? or a gap between my thighs? Perfection is all we see. because images of beauty reflect our insecurities. Perfection is in my reach,
Anger. Hatred. Jealousy. Tears. Happiness. Joy. Glee. For all the emotions the world throws at me, I write. I write when I sit in a class that's getting too hard.
What is this I'm doing? Falling from a building? Left and right building move swiftly around me... Below the hard surface 3....2....1... Close my eyes hope to die... Splat...or so I would have thought...
I met a man and his name was Mr. Lonely How did I know? Because he told me He kept asking me to make it stop I asked him what he meant, but he said he couldn't tell me
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