boundless devotion

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Speak, my love. Your words will flow into my ears like honey. And I will lap them up Like a dog, sitting obediantly At your feet/
Once enamored by an angel, I fell captive to thy heart. Snatched from Heaven’s cradle, Now shelter to my heart.
    Now: Lay me down Let me sleep I pray You keep my soul Keep me safe
Would it be OK if I took some of your time? Would it be OK if I wrote you a rhyme? Would it be OK if I opened your heart?
I keep trying to find The lengths to which I would go for you But every time I think "This is it" I find myself in deeper waters of your love Than before and I know that
I am the moon. You will always be able to look up to me Though I only shine bright in your eyes in absence of the sun   I am. Constant love lighting your path
Rough, old winds drummed against The side of our shack, our lean-to home Barely dead rain dampened our spirits – Throw a stranger an unexpected smile. Bitingly blue memories scream at me –
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