Joy is a Moment of Hell

I am the moon.

You will always

be able to

look up to me

Though I only

shine bright

in your eyes

in absence of the sun


I am. Constant love

lighting your path

and protecting you

with shadows

Though I'm just, 

not quite enough

Without my own

orb of light


He. He is your sun. 

He is the one

whom you lust for,

For his stellar rays

Even when

he would burn you

and cast you aside


His incredible contempt

For all that you are

For all that I love.

He feeds the plants

so he can then

char your shoulders

And you let him.


I could linger

as a footnote

Unnoticed, for eternity

But if only you'd

gaze up to see me

How can I blame you

When I can't even

Blame the grass

For forgetting my face


I would never leave you 

Alone in the dark

and think nothing of it

Sleep and you've lost me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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