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I am Tenacious. Never ceasing. Always pursuing. Over miles I run. An obstacle here, and there, but no matter, I will overcome. Though I may slow, Yet will I never quit the pursuit.
Time is moving fast I wish I can slow it down But Some people I be messing with they never come around It's like I'm the only one that's down You can ask my town
Straight face, curved back Deep breath in, and out again   That little blue dot on the wall has my attention I squat down with the weight heavy on my shoulders;
I feel as more than flesh and bone When I walk my feet don’t drag a corpse Because I’ve heard the song of my heartbeat’s tone, The melody beyond all words
I’m not perfectI’m not very smartI know I’m differentBut I don’t careBecause I want toChange the worldAnd I’m not goingTo stand aroundLike the restOf you pansiesWho are afraid
Ode to the man with two jobs In public he smiles, but alone he sobs Working hard for nothing Only seeking for a little something His wife works too But this is nothing new Always worrying about rent
No matter how big, No matter how small, I will make a difference, That will touch the hearts of all. No such boundaries, Can tear me down Because I am me And I don’t frown.
When he was born, he was special. He learned things a different way. He seen the world through unique eyes. He spoke in the way he thought others spoke. Some seen him as stupid, but I seen him as unique.
Let's say you know what you want, let's just pretend for a minute, every desire need and dream you want, would you be willing to win it? Put up a fight, one where most would quit?
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