The Fight

Let's say you know what you want,
let's just pretend for a minute,
every desire need and dream you want,
would you be willing to win it?
Put up a fight, one where most would quit?
One in your head or a physical one, where blood is spit?
You've fallen down do you get back up?
The sun is gone, you think “half empty” is your cup,
Pessimism, has become your style
but you still live your life and fake your smile,
you dream real big but think it'll take a while,
so you settle for less and live in denial.
you're huffing and puffing but still have a mile,
your legs get heavy as you drag down the aisle,
you feel all the weight of your struggles compile,
and you fall to the floor with your face on the tile..
But get back up it'll be worthwhile!
because can't you see they expect you to stay?
Get up and show them you're quite versatile,
just don't give up, I know it sounds cliché,
but believe me when you're broken and torn,
when your body is tired and your mind is worn,
when you sit in your room and alone you will mourn,
Do Not Give Up cause I swear your adored.
Fight for your dream, just pull out the sword,
I swear nothing's come easy for the ones who have scored,
the ones who you see up high on the board,
do you want to be one who wins the award?
Put on your gloves, or tie all your cleats,
tune your guitar, or create your new beats,
sharpen that pencil, or bake your new treats,
and show them how you don't deserve to live on the streets.
Show them that what you are doing is taking you far,
and it's not coming easy, not a wish on a star,
through pain and struggle, you've battled and sparred,
make your dream your focus, make it who you are,
I mean sure you'll get looks “this kid's bizarre”
might get covered in feathers and burnt with hot tar,
become a target or hit by a car,
might get broken or bruised or even left with a scar,
you may get shoved under water, left torn and soakin
backs turned against you with no words spoken,
your feelings go away as your heart gets broken,
robbed of everything, nothing left, not even one token.
Right and left you've taken the hit,
which way to turn? You have no more cheeks,
the flame of your dream is a coal and no longer lit,
you've tried for years, months, days, and weeks.

“I give up, I can live with less,
I don't need my dream, i've turned to a mess,
I'm done moving out of check, call checkmate. No more chess,
cause i'm torn apart, i'm the definition of stress.
I will not try, I am not blessed,
my dream exist no more in my mind, it's compressed,
I have no more hope and no one to impress,
do I give up? I'm leaning towards yes”

But why don't you give them something to talk about?
“I thought he was dry of hope, his cup was a drought?”
Complete your dream and your name they'll shout,
get up when you've fallen, don't sit and pout.
Because your dream is yours, so make it come true,
none other can do it because you're the only YOU!
shout loud through the pain that you have not given up,
you won't think “glass half full” cause you will fill your entire cup,
you'll think back of the time where the dream had begun,
and then stand tall and proud cause now you have won.


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