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When writing this poem/song, I took inspiration from the greatest rapper of our time (in my opinion), Tupac Amaru Shakur/also known by his stage alias, “2PAC” while listening to arguably his most popular diss song called “Hit
“Let me in, inside your mind, my goals are simple...I am the worst they come, a cold-blooded monster, wanting your soul. There is no end, I will not stop till blood is on my hands.” In darkness, he follows
I, ego, none of these is YOU ARE WHAT I SAY cogito ergo sum, NO Multi ergo sunt
Nothing is as it really seems, Things can get you, real or fake, You really are only safe in your dreams. No, they will never give you a break.   Things will tear you apart in life
Friends may go behind your back or a sibling attempts to tear you to pieces. It sucks. Yet, you can keep going. But what do you do when your own mind betrays you? Where you run, it will follow.
Slicing your jugular in two and watching the blood gush out and pool on the ground. Tying each of your limbs to a different horse and having them run in different directions.
She wears a cross around her neck But she ain't no Virgin Mary Angry with rage inside From being so easily tossed aside Contains it with a smile on her face Remnants of the human race Fleck her heart
I walk in the doors of his perpetual hell-hole. Just another day. Or so it seems. Halfway through first period, the teacher drones on and on. Pretending everything's okay. NO IT'S FUCKING NOT!
My parents think I'm crazy, but really not that much. I drew a pretty purple daisy, and made the stove my own to touch. I wacked Daddy with a hammer and threw Momma down the stairs.
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