Mind's Betrayal


United States
44° 13' 8.022" N, 123° 18' 52.218" W

Friends may go behind your back
or a sibling attempts to tear you to pieces.
It sucks.
Yet, you can keep going.
But what do you do when your own mind betrays you?
Where you run,
it will follow.
What do you do when you hear things that aren't there?
When you see something and don't even know if it's real?
When your mood can change at any given moment?
When some of your best friends are in your head?
The ultimate betrayal.
The unfixable betrayal.
Your mind is the only thing you can't escape,
and it is the strongest thing pursuing you.
It has complete and utter control over you.
Can make you do things you normally wouldn't.
Can feed you bullshit
and you will eat it greedily.
It says "jump,"
and you ask "how high?"
You're, politely speaking,
absolutely screwed.
In a case of
a mind's betrayal,
you become


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