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just add water.   i like to think of myself as one of the most unbothersome children out there. i wonder what you would be like if you spent a day in my shoots. wouldn't that be funny? if you grew like me?
things fall apart but that is only the start  of a journey that may last days  or years  full of things, only you can hear  you travel down a path made of gravel encrusting you with scars 
From the African jungles, to the ancient African temples; Why do we praise Shakespeare? We see as the water ripples, our people once shook speares.   Remember, Africa created art.
Building the building that builds my destiny starts from the foundation of my purpose. To discover is to recover to redirect the directions of my destiny.
Rusty nails pin these twisted roots of the house, which so adorned, is now decrepit. Flies decorate the windowsill Constellations of shattered glass The ember cracks, a small, resilient base reduced to ash.
  I was first introduced By a man named Dr. Seuss.   His rhymes helped me in the best of ways, Especially if it was one of my worst days.   A real inspiration, Gave me a good foundation.
We are taught In this life To keep breathing To continue with moving motion Of our hands correlating with our feet parading helplessly through the streets of wherever it is we call home.
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