Life called home

Fri, 05/10/2013 - 04:51 -- Shearsy


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We are taught
In this life
To keep breathing
To continue with moving motion
Of our hands correlating with our feet
parading helplessly through
the streets of wherever it is we call home.

I used to call you home,
but you changed the lock on the front door.

I wonder how you
still exist, how recklessly
you try to fight this world
battling the systematic notion
for the life you desire to live.
you don’t have to be alone,
you also don’t have to hold so much pride
You are a solider of this life
but I will tell you that there was never any war.

I wonder how I
still exist, how carelessly
I danced, obvious to direction
searching lawlessly for security
in every place except for myself.
I am not alone
I am a nightingale, singing in this dark night
but my songs are only head by few in these hours.

We have destroyed ourselves
and we must humbly observe
what you and I have left,
to carefully reconstruct
a more fortified place
to call home.

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I wrote this poem on behalf of the problems i have been through. I had to look back upon the painful experiences to try to understand how I got to the position I am today. I have lost many things but i had to reconsider what i count as a place call home before I actually felt comfortable with the foundation i am standing on.

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