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  We speak the same languages That’s all that it is It’s not the skin or the anatomy that comes within   It’s the way that we argue over something small
“did you get home ok?” this is my love language, the static in my ear reminding me of the fuzzy feeling I get down the back of my spine when my name crosses through your lips “did you eat already?”
Have anyone ever told you, Ce que tu représentes pour moi? It's a topic that might make you shiver, With either fear or light, Something that can warm you, Something that can freeze you,
Como pez al agua, Somos inseparables. Sin tú no puedo respirar Y sin tú yo muero. Pero como agua al pez, Tú vivirás siempre mientras yo falleceré. Sin yo, sigues respirando Con el ascenso y descenso
My languages are tree, And dey define me. Cajun is de language dat dances off my tongue; It’s de one dat I’ve known since I was young.
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