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“Yes, you met an introvert”   They said, she’s not a call person She was counting on you to find her telephone wire.   
  Sitting in the middle of a room filled with chatter Even if I had an acquaintance here, it wouldn’t matter No one is truly a friend
I'm introvert, I'm reserved and maybe shy The same society that thinks a happy, playful child will turn wayward Interprets too quiet as dumb, so I'm dumb! But I have the most amazing things to say,
Help me I'm Drowning In a Sea of  Misunderstanding and Shame.  No Boat on the Horizon. No Comraderie to Protect me. Isolations was not Lonely -- Was not Frightening until -- 
What is the difference between a filter and myself? Is there a clean line that can be drawn? Is there a simple way to say this is me, and that is who you think I am?   No, there is truth in lies
I am the intro-extrovert,
To the loud and to the bold To the proud and uncontrolled Oh, that I could be outspoken too Oh, that I could be as sociable as you My voice shakes and my confidence shatters
I find that there is no pleasure truer Than playing trumpet alone in the sewer When that exasperating feeling comes I go there to rattle my tympanums  
Dryness. No one expects, but dryness. Don't speak unless you're spoken to; don't speak only speak when it's worth it. Use your words wisely; it's a story, your story; Create it.
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