To the loud and to the bold

To the proud and uncontrolled

Oh, that I could be outspoken too

Oh, that I could be as sociable as you

My voice shakes and my confidence shatters

Though you have no trouble with these matters

My words trip and tremble, while yours merely flow

You never stop talking where ever you go

My eyes dart away, avoiding eye contact

The fear that I feel is a matter of fact

Dread rises within me, a room slowly flooding

Water advances until I'm nearly drowning

Finally, I retreat to the safety of my seat

Taking deep breaths to slow my heart beat

But you, you just rise from your chair

Smiling even, without even a care

Attention and spotlights, all eyes are on you

Comanding the room as you always can do

Oh, how I envy your extroverted ways

Your easy speech and turn of phrase

Maybe one day, I'll do as you do

And find that I can be outspoken too.



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