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There is a place that you may go sometimes It maybe dark or bright You could hear either drums or pianos One things for sure never one the x mark door
You bring out the psycho in me, the hot-tempered child in me sending me back 15 years to crying to only obtain cravings You bring out the psycho in me,
My beloved Solis,  
I woke up like this… You woke up like this… Who woke up like this? Flawless.   Saying we look so good tonight, But how will we feel tomorrow? Guilt, Shame, Nausea?
To the poet who uses words to explore, to you who thinks you know more, you manipulate a bondage of words to stage, I the historial who studies the past,
Time the biggest enemy of mine You can never find enough Always looking to rewind Well that's tough
Steel rafts of ocean hands             Pearl into icy depths             Piercing through its smooth skin             Breaking the shocks of energy             Through thick blue
Poems, Poems, Poems Please tell what you are to Me.   Poems, Poems, Poems, Open up and explain it all to Me.   Poems, Poems, Poems, Express everything that you are to Me.  
I felt the frost on my tongue, because I was growing young and the sun didn't shine from the words I spoke. I kissed a flower as I smelled a delicate perfume and walked in a cold garden among a cold world.
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