life challenges

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Running down the stairs With my pink embroidered dance bag The rising temperature  Causing my skin to moisten  Like a melted Hershey bar 
It began five years before the day. I always thought life was normal for me, up until that moment. The doctor Told us the news, and from then on
Do you see that little girl? Sitting there across from you  she’s all smiling and laughing  but do you really see her?   Do you see that little girl? 
My roots are deep Buried with Loved and Hardship Growing at the perfect rate Living Life while laughing the whole time Not wanting to wait while getting from point A to point B
I live each day as it comes No worries Religion, race, orientation Shades of gray I'm one person A speck on the earth They say it only takes one Just one To make a difference That’s not me
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