Life Would Be Different

It began five years before the day. I always

thought life was normal for me,

up until that moment. The doctor

Told us the news, and from then on

life would be different for me.

I would wear a brace, now and then.

It was noticeable when worn, at home

and at school. After time I got use to

it, and then given a new one. After years of no

change or progress, the surgery came to be.

I wondered how I could live afterwards.

Would I be the same or would I be better?

Would it be noticeable or would it blend in?

The day came, bright and early. We arrived and

it was not long until the operation began. Eight hours

pass and I awake. I feel different,

a weird feeling in my back. It is not long, a few months

at most. I begin to feel normal, I don’t notice the feeling.

I think about how I don’t feel it and

how I don’t wear a brace any more.

People look at me and I seem normal,

but I know that I have changed, but only

for the better.

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