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I was trapped in this home in which I spent hours inside. The walls closed in on me and I was left alone to reside.  And I sat there in thought, why was I so sad?
I was trapped in this home in which I spent hours inside. The walls closed in on me and I was left alone to reside.  And I sat there in thought, why was I so sad?
What should America be? A country fo you? Or for me? Most would say "The greatest nation in the world" That's an easy answer, for a not-so-easy girl But why? What makes us great? Our money? Or lucky fates?
Roses are
Goodbye..it's time that we part     Here now I leave along with your troubles So you may stay happy as you've always been   More than you now are the memories precious
As kids, we are brave if we go down the slide if we try a new food if we jump off the high dive if we don't cry when mom leaves on the first day of school.  As middle schoolers, we are brave
Freshmen year, and already feeling like a fish out of water, Not sure if the teachers cared, nor did it matter, because i didnt care. Sitting and listening, counting seconds into minutes, minutes into hours,
Endless is the time Help me to understand Beauty is boundless      
It starts off as a joke Then turns into madness. Wishing you could revoke. But its too late. All the teasing, pushing and laughing Has took its toll. Now all the things you say have lost control. You couldn’t help it, You mom and dad had split  An
This girl who is she?  What is her means ? She has been throrugh alot Alot of things you have never seen. They say she's jamaican but is that all to her ? She seems that she has something else to offer.
I want to be a parachute I want to know where the wind will take me.   I don't want anything holding me down. I want to know what it's like to be free to be beautiful to be uplifted by nothing
 Lets run far away Where no one can find usFind a little place to stay  Build a life on love and trust.
Expectations of Two My mother lived In a house of four Beaten to perfection And no flaws Rising from the slums Staying hungry to save money She moved to the U.S. To get a decent job
As a little child I played in an open field of dreams Not having a care in the worldBut as time went by a fence started to build a barrier around me
My words are mine not yours But I'll share Lend you my words of courage Hope Love But I wont let you take them My words are mine but not mine alone there for you to Just ask
She is like that sorrowful song on replay A rebellious girl that will soon runaway She is like the wind, just waiting to sway   She begs for the path of love to take its toll
Silence stretches Between you and iIts painfully quietThe music turned on highTo drown outThe painful truth 
shes my best friendi hold her hand when she crieshold her hair when she vomitsrub her back when she needs mehug her when she breaks downand helps her smilei dont know how to deal with emotions
father’s spirit vanished when i was but a child but long before my knees ached and ran Red with swollen gashes before i washed for hours and before clean was never clean enough but i grew tired and weak
As children, they ask us "What will you be when you grow up?" We say astronaut, president, musician, actor, celebrity. They smile and tell us that we can do whatever we desire
Let me flow in the river. The cool water washing my body. My eyes aimed at the sky in hope of rain. The rain is to wash away my blackness.
(poems go here) Somewhere along the line of scrimmage I lost my sense of self. 15,000 concussions over 45 years Can do that to a man. My name is Junior Seau, And football is the only identity I've ever known.
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