In My Eyes (A Plantation Owner's Story)

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 12:05 -- dncr95


United States
42° 37' 7.8024" N, 108° 42' 45.2844" W

Sweltering New Orleans sun
Murdering my skin
Sweet smells of tobacco plants
Wafting through my nostrils
Glorious sight of success

In my slaves' eyes
My skin is as white as my cotton plants
I smell of the riches they produce
I am made round by the delicious foods they prepare
Merciless and inhumane

In society's eyes
My skin ensures my accomplishment and respect
With my nose in the air as a Negro passes, acceptance
Prosperous and wealthy is my persona
A Leader

In my eyes?
Their bleeding and calloused hands and feet
Their smell of want
Their backs bent over in never-ending labor
Rips out my heart

As I turn my head


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