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Today I am so happy to be free  So happy I can follow my dreams  I see now what that meant by what I did yesterday would affect me today
Some see the success   never the stress  always the hugs and cheers  never the blood and tears they know of your glory but not of your story  some will envy your victory
Dreaming big, that's all me its the American way it's all we see Hardworkig God bless us all, never fear we will stand tall, education is key, opportunity is the door
"You dream too big," They tell me, "You come from a town too small to be anything." About one thing they are right, This small town, these Southern parts, will never contain my hungry heart,
Out in the sun beams, near the sea Land of my dreams, so pure and free Enter the world of things unseen Swish of water, fun and green Come with me now your journey's begun  
Measure it in the blood sweat and tears. In the miles I walk instead of run. In the stiff joints and long days. In the freedoms I lose and the troubles I gain.
It starts as a dream, Formed by my wants and desires To conquer all who doubt my abilities To strive and thrive above all chalenges. Cities will crumble before my dreams Of being in your thoughts when
I wake up and I am fifteen, Years past and he looks at me. Who is he but myself in grief, What have I done and what do I do. Who am I and who are you, Am I black or am I blue,
The word c
Every time I find myself searching for inspiration or feeling like my ideas are not suffice I look around me, I look at all the things that have been invented throughout the years and begin
I can't do this I can't do that those who lack self-confidence Tend to wanna knock me down Take my crown  Control my pride  And make me frown but I fear not 
Only one wish, one wish only? I guess I would have the wish that would stretch through the categories The only thing I could think of is the high level of fear these days
This is the moment I've been working for my entire life. As I perfect my makeup and wrap my hair into a tight bun I look into the mirror and smile.  I am ready. Lacing up my skates, nice and tight. 
My little feet alone on the playground they run away from me No they’re not scared their footprints fade into the distance I tell myself
I will taste the stars And most likely scorch my tongue, But I will return   To fly yet once more Amongst the burnt-out, dead husks Of those ancient dreams.
You only write once So this is my only chance To express what’s inside Even though sometimes I wanna hide   Because the pain is real and the hurt is deep
Creativity Can’t Stop   When’s the last time you created something? Anything—a drawing, song, recipe, story?
Studying Pre-Med Always loved fitness and health Never second-guessed   An epiphany Wanted something much greater Much second-guessing   Coined Freckled Nettles
Muaj ib hnub, I wish to scream so loud that the world has no choice but to listen Scar the world, one so big no one can hide it.
The ambition is endless, it fuels my life. Eventually, it may come to cause me strife, But if I live my life worrying, I will fail And lifted will be the invisible veil
Belladonna     A beauty that illuminates such carnation hue   You defiled me with your sinful pleasure  
Regret, loneliness, anger, sadness and fear; These are the emotions that consume me. My high hope is what gets me through the year, Hoping to one day wade in the calm sea. Staying positive is my greatest plight;
I'm just speaking because I have a voice Writing because its my choice Drawing to tell these illusions, hoping somebody can cure my confusion I can't tell where I'm going things change every second
The air is really hard to breathe The oxygen is choking me The people are carrying me They have unknown identities Strange how people never see The big picture of reality? All they see is never seen
  Why am I crying... Why would I shed a tear with no reason behind it... Is my life leading me towards unhappiness, Or am I just shedding a tear for each person that suffers each day.
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