I Wouldn't Change My Name


Only one wish, one wish only?

I guess I would have the wish that would stretch through the categories

The only thing I could think of is the high level of fear these days

That alway seems to be near when a change is arising

I try to understand why the brave speak out face to face

Cowards create twitter lists about the pet peeves that disgust them or how they are gonna say this

and that when..

What happen to us?

We use to be a nation of the brave

Martin Luther King Kind Of Brave

Abraham Lincoln Kind of Brave

Harper Lee Kind of Brave

We said what we meant, face to face

We wrote our words with our lips

All because the dream of how much our world's potential exist

without an aspiraton of being famous or setting a record

A reality show of his or her own is enough to shoot pass our nerves to get our own

Yet, when it comes to taking responsibility of their words the episode is unheard of


A fight between two balls of twirling fears lives in the body of two enemies

A gun to settle this, is the thought of a walking fear

, but guns could never settle this

Frustration because mother hates and father left

Love someone and hope they'll love you back is the only way you can overcome that

Don't hide your bruises and let them grow old because that's the doorway where fear beholds

I'm sure Harper Lee had her fears and she told her story probably in fear

, but she overcame it by not allowing it to hold her back

She created a name for a story to bring on people who would never read a book about racists

" To Kill A Mockingbird, " was the story back then

, but we have become the generation of Mockingbird killing a Mockingbird

What ever happen to family?

America, the family not afraid to love

The family who learned to love through hate

If I had one wish I wouldn't change that

I wouldn't change my background for nothin'

Yea it wasnt all green and roses but I write to overcome it

I have fear but thank God for the potential of being fearless

All because an unknown named beatened ancestor got my name

, and just because i have it I can't live in shame

I wear my blood, sweat, and tears on my shoulder even if it drips on the page

If we continue to let our pain make us fearful, accomplishment can't be in our dreams

A horrid past can only be a treasure if we be proud of our name

" I'm John and I have shame. "

" I'm Melody, the victim of rape. "

" I'm Hope and I've been told no. "

" I'm Henry and I'm an addict. "

" I'm Carrie and I've had to live with racism. "

" I'm Patricia and I have control issues "

 " I'm Nia and my father wasn't in my life. "

"  I'm Eric and my mother didn' love me right. "

" I'm Danajai and I'm not ashamed of my name. "

" I'm Uri and I dropped out of school. "

" I'm Gil and my brother was killed. "

" I'm robert and I have nightmares about the war I was in. "

" I'm thomas I had cancer but I conqered it. "


Fear, is the biggest disease of our society

If we dream bigger, work harder and come up with solutions

We can overcome it!

If you're shamed of your name, you hold yourself back

We're human, and if I had magic I would make the world realize that.





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